Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Vanishing American Technology Jobs Report Bush Sought to Bury

So much disinformation about America's competitiveness has been written. Those of us who work in high-technology have long known and suffered a degrading reality, American hi-tech jobs are being frittered away overseas and to ultra-rich international interests who own the current American political system.

The House Democrats have finally revealed the contents of a report that exposed the truth.

Why's it important here you might ask? The answer is that the American Public School system has been wrongly blamed for America's failure to compete. When the political system is corrupt, American workers don't stand a chance.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in Connecticut where many of us pray for the day politicians like Rob Simmons and Joe Lieberman are shown the door.

Recently, however, offshoring has begun to strike at the very high-tech jobs that we believed U.S. workers would move to fill as blue-collar opportunities shifted to other countries. A Cable News Network report in early March 2006 noted that 500,000 American jobs have migrated to India in recent years. That number is expected to triple in the next two years as American companies seek to cuts costs and streamline business. India is but one example of a country that seems to be gaining employment at the expense of American workers. Over the last six years, the U.S. has lost just under 3 million jobs due to offshoring.

Now, we are witnessing software engineering, computer design, research and development, radiology, architecture and design and other high-value-added positions moving offshore to low-wage markets such as India, China, Ireland, and Brazil.

For the past two years, Science Committee Democrats tried to get specific details and information from Federal experts on this alarming trend. Our efforts were met with resistance, stonewalled by Federal agencies, and a lack of the Committee's traditional bipartisan cooperation. The Federal Government did the research, taxpayers paid for the report and the Technology Administration produced its analysis and findings, yet the Administration buried the truth in rhetoric. Democrats wanted the data, and finally got it.

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