Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Censoring The Right to Know

Update:  This movie was made available to students and parents to share after bloggers such as myself pointed out...

As usual, the blowback of the unintended consequences of blanket censorship is doing more harm to those it was supposed to protect than good.

In an opinion piece from GoodCulture, we are introduced to a tough film about Bullying called Bully that teens must break the law to see.

"The new documentary Bully takes on the issue of harassment in American high schools, depicting real scenes of school bus torture, schoolyard violence, administrative indifference, and the tragic fallout in explicit detail. Now, the Motion Picture Association of America has made sure that most American high school students won't be able to see the film: It's slapped the doc with an R rating."
The Youtube trailer:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New EO Smith Digital Learning Initiative Committee Blog

This year the EO Smith Board of Education has created a Digital Learning Initiative Committee of which I am the chair.

We've held one meeting and we're announcing a new blog that will complement the committee's interests.

You can access the blog here:

Our documents are made public from Google docs.  We will promote digital learning across the community.