Monday, July 31, 2006

Free Collaboration Online Tool

This online drawing tool allows teachers to interact with students remotely to draw diagrams, explain equations, or what ever the subject may be. This is useful for school districts who use virtual school days to make-up for student sickness, inclement weather, or other school cancellations.

For political organizers it offers an online whiteboard to draw strategy diagrams, meetup plans, or whatever strikes the fancy of organizers.

As usual, I'm trying to locate resources that give schools on low budgets the opportunity to share and learn technologies that for too long are considered the exclusive province of wealthy school districts.

Oh, by the way, tools like this drawing tool can expand the audience of the classroom as well. I have long written that as endemic as poverty is, there is no law preventing teachers from team teaching across schools or school districts. By using tools inner city schools can use to interact with suburban classrooms, we create virtual integrations of minds no matter what color their bodies are, no matter how rich or poor they may be.

During the dark ages of the Bush administration this may be the best we can hope for.

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