Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Time for Virtual Makeup Days is Here

The latest War in the Middle East will dramatically affect the cost of busing school children in the coming school years. It is time for the Department of Education to recognise the need to allow school districts to implement online, virtual school days for any and all make-up days schools miss during the course of a year.

The link takes you to my original proposal for virtual make-up days.

Here's Juan Cole's speculation of what may be on the immediate horizon:

Is the Arab Spring turning to Dust under Israeli Bombardment?

Petroleum hit $76.70 a barrel on Thursday, a record high price, in reaction to the new Middle East crisis. (Though in real terms, the 1980 post-Iranian revolution crisis price was probably $80 a barrel in today's dollars). To those of you in the Gen-X and younger generations, let me welcome you to the late 1970s. The only pleasures of that day of which you are now denied are standing in long lines just to fill up your tank and stagflation or combined high inflation with economic stagnation. If George W. Bush's wise stewardship of the world continues in this brilliant fashion, you may yet have those joys, as well.

Gary Hart's assessment is here;

We have some lessons in democracy to be learned here at home. Democracy does not work without accountability. Today there is no accountability in American democracy.

On the other hand, perhaps there will be in 2006 and 2008...if the Democrats recapture conviction and courage.

p.s. And, by the way, how do you like $4 a gallon gasoline?

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