Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hero in a Classroom

Jeff Bliss was clandestinely taped as he responded to his history teacher telling him to "stop bitching" about a testing anomaly.  The video went viral.

In the following follow-up video apparently created by students, Jeff Bliss reveals himself as what Joseph Campbell might call one of the thousands of faces of the hero.

 There is a nobility in his words and a humility of heart that separates this student from those who suffer in silence.  Like Jeff, Americans must demand an immediate dissolution of the Federal Department of Education.  It has become a festering shit-hole of bad educational policy and educational totalitarianist doctrine.

The NCLB and RTTT laws need to be repealed to correct the plight of the public schools.  No amount of local correction can save public schools poisoned by over a decade of Bush/Obama ghetto-ization strategies.

Bliss is just telling us what educators already know, we need radical change - top down.  Eliminate the Department of Education, it's a failed bureaucracy.