Friday, July 28, 2006

Get Yourself a Tattoo

One of my goals is to get EO Smith's student newspaper, The Oracle, online and interactive.

The Tattoo, a teenager run newspaper for teens is a fine example of the genre. They run articles on teen pregancy, school violence, suicide and much much more. The cartoonist Joe Keo is great. Check it out at the link. I'm giving them a permanent bookmark here.

Here's what they say about themselves;

The Tattoo takes teenagers seriously

From its beginnings in 1994 as a small group of teens in Bristol, Connecticut with an interest in journalism, The Tattoo has grown into a widely respected, award-winning teen newspaper with writers spanning the globe.

Relying on a network of volunteer teen journalists, The Tattoo tackles a wide range of subjects, from proms to pregnancy.

While mainstream publications treated teens as an afterthought -- interested in little more than pop groups and movies -- The Tattoo has always recognized that young people can be as serious as their elders, though the topics that absorb them may be different.

The Tattoo, which appears online and in the pages of The Bristol (Conn.) Press, has focused on school violence, teen suicide, the struggle against terrorism and the nightmare of Hurricane Katrina.

Student writers have also offered plenty of cartoons, movie and television reviews, sports coverage and much, much more -- like any decent newspaper.

The Tattoo has offered scores of students the chance to have their work published – and read. Hundreds of teens have been involved at one time or another, 50 have won some sort of journalism award, and some have gone on to careers in journalism.

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