Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lieberman is Poster Boy for Dysfunctional Politicians

In the recent debate between Ned Lamont and Lieberman, only Lamont talked about education with any conviction. We should be thankful for that. Education suffers the same fate in Washington that ecological issues, social security, and healthcare do. Far too much sloganeering, sugar-coated platitudes, and disingenuous concern plague all these important discussions.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) is catching up and finally giving us some straight talk. This should be a belated education for Lieberman and the legion of Democrats and Republicans who play blind, deaf and dumb with their constituencies.

Joe Conaston's Lieberman Misses Point of Opponents
tells us a lot about being dysfunctional to a constituency (click title link for the entire piece).

After 18 years in the Senate, his fervent insistence that he is a lifelong devotee of “progressive causes” and his endorsement by major liberal organizations only seem to mask his accommodation with Washington’s conservative status quo.

Mr. Lieberman dutifully recites his opposition to “tax cuts for the rich” and “privatizing Social Security,” and his support of “universal health insurance” and “affordable health care.” When he utters those phrases, unfortunately, they ring hollow to many rank-and-file Democrats.

Actually, the syndrome afflicting him is found among entrenched veterans of both parties, especially those who appear more concerned with connections and contributions than values or ideals.

Lieberman's Real Problem by Harold Meyerson (Washington Post) is equally blunt.

No great mystery enshrouds the challenge to Lieberman, nor is the campaign of his challenger, Ned Lamont, a jihad of crazed nit-pickers. Lieberman has simply and rightly been caught up in the fundamental dynamics of Politics 2006, in which Democrats are doing their damnedest to unseat all the president's enablers in this year's elections. As well, Lieberman's broader politics are at odds with those of his fellow Northeastern Democrats. He is not being opposed because he doesn't reflect the views of his Democratic constituents 100 percent of the time. He is being opposed because he leads causes many of them find repugnant.

Education and dialogues about education have suffered dangerously under Bush and his enablers and the voters know this. They know it on a host of issues. Voters are hurting.

But so are schools and our children. If you care about anything other than money, vote differently on August 8 and in November. Don't send messages to the Statehouse or Washington - send new, competent representatives.

It's in your hands.

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