Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Comics Page

I discovered a site from which unknown cartoonists can make their work available in order to get their ideas out to the public. These scripts will update periodically and we'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile while poking around I also found some great animation shorts well worth watching so once in a while I'll feature one of these on a slow day. Enjoy.

Tags: comics, animation, education


MADjaHEAD said...

Really interesting. Thank you

Frank Krasicki said...

Thank you.

If it isn't obvious, this blog - in addition to my attempt to reinvent education - is trying to expose and offer the idea that opportunities for learning abound.

Student newspapers that go virtual can equally take advantage of these "free" resources in many ways.

a.) By promoting unknown artists and b.) by pointing local unknown artists to places that allow them to get exposure.

Now, on my end, for many years I've experimented with new virtual forms of art - hyperfiction, automatic poetry, mp3s, and whatnot. With this blog [and others], I'm trying push the envelope and maybe push the buttons of main stream media as well.

Why not have comics on the "front page"? Why not let graphics bleed across margins? Why not mix discussions about education with articles about culture, learning, cost, politics?

Why not introduce gonzo journalism to stuffy, archaic education flotsom? And why not discuss education using magic-realism vernaculars.

There's a lot going on here and I'm glad some of you are enjoying the ride.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who frequents the blog.

- Frank Krasicki