Monday, December 19, 2005

Worthwhile Free General Software

This list will get updated from time to time and is a hot link on the permanent menu to the left. My masterlist of recommendations (use your own judgement, please) -

OpenOffice - a free office suite supported by SUN engineers and others

Firefox - some say this is the best browser available

AVG - anti-virus or AVAST

Google - Google offers a rich set of Software tools many of which I use and recommend highly

GIMP - an open source image processing program - A free image processing program from the Washington State University (heavy duty Windows OS required).

A free 3-D solid shapes modeler; SketchUp.


Miguel said...

Howdy! Nice to see a Board member blogging. I'm a instructional tech director in the San Antonio, Tx area. Here are some links to over 50 free, open source tools...regardless of whether you're on Mac or Windows. I've also written some follow-up articles; you can find those online at:

Anonymous said...

I have tried the link and have not been able to get it to work.
Have you another?

Frank Krasicki said...


I just retried all of the links and they work for me.

Which one specifically fails?

Frank Krasicki said...


I love your blog. I'm sure I'll be writing about many of the same themes.

I plan on cross-referencing your entry having to do with online courseware soon.

My listing of free general software is constrained in a few ways and I'll explain those constraints in other contexts. 'Free' or 'open source' is better but not mandatory.

However, your lists are excellent stuff for my more adventurous readers. And I heartily encourage visiting Miguel's blog (he's a pioneer at this and covers lots of great territory).

Thanks, and please do visit often. I plan on making it as interesting as I can.