Friday, July 04, 2008

Guess Who's Tampering with the 2008 Presidential Election?

My, my, my. The dirty tricks never end. For Independence Day Margaret Spellings has announced which States will enjoy relaxed NCLB protocols. Of the seventeen states that applied, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, and Ohio were -cough- chosen.

Given the electoral importance of these states, one cannot help but wonder aloud how tax money that pays for federal bureaucracies can be so cynically and shamelessly targeted toward the unethical influencing of federal election sentiments.

The Department of Education has been and continues to be out of control as myopic and partisan organization that seemingly has no accountability to anyone. By manipulating the NCLB program, it now seeks to eliminate voter dissatisfaction with education policy in precisely the states that can electorally swing the election.

This deserves a federal investigation for tampering with public funds and trust.


Connecticut Man1 said...

The politicization of the Department of education would be follow the GOP SOP of politicizing everything they can. This is no different than what they did at the DOJ and other departments.

Nice catch!

The Caretaker said...

Well, earlier I questioned the process that was established to determine which states would be eligible. Ct was eliminated because we questioned NCLB and filed suit.

In other words, a government agency using tax payer funds used their unaccountable powers to discriminate against citizens advocating change.

In essence, CT tax dollars were systematically confiscated to "reward" electorally more significant states who are being economically greased with pork we're paying for to affect the outcome in November.

Spellings needs to be investigated.