Sunday, June 17, 2007

Right-brainers, Censorship, and Education' s Contribution to National Health

A Dice discussion board entry is being censored and has alerted me to what looks to be an important new book about teaching in western countries. It appears that the thread is being attacked because the book discusses foreign interests who are objecting to calling attention to them as bigotry.

As long as we live in an open society, my preference is to air the subject matter and let citizens make up their own minds.

The thread, Right Brainers Will Rule The Future, is attributed to an anonymous writer and this is the entry whose responses are being deleted;
Or so says Daniel H. Pink in "A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age To The Conceptual Age". It discusses the three forces which are changing America as the three As. They are abundance, automation, and Asia. He purposes that thinking with our left side of our brain is not enough anymore and we also need to give a new more important focus to our right hemisphere. He says this will bring on a new age in America called the Conceptual Age. Six principles will help us in this direction. They are design, story, symphony, empathy, play, and meaning. He provides a chapter on each and how to improve them. Really informative, helpful, and interesting book.
This looks like a great summer read for all teachers and administrators involved in curriculum development. I plan on reading the book and providing some follow-up but in the meanwhile, let Dice know that in the free world censorship is bigotry against ideas and open discussion.

Until there is no United States, freedom of speech trumps the abuse of blunt instruments of political correctness. Preserve our right to be offended!

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