Sunday, June 10, 2007

A By-product of the Julie Amero Case

The group of experts who pooled their talents in a volunteer effort to aid the defense of Julie Amero have set up a website that hopes to address the myriad issues that afflict teachers, parents, schools, business, and others who get trapped in the legal system.

The Julie Group will identify worthy cases of injustice and see where they go. We do not expect to always be right but we do hope to shed some light on the subject no matter what the conclusion.

Education will be a big subject. Preventative computing practices that minimize exposure to inappropriate content will be endorsed. Educational materials for use in schools will be examined and recommended.

Lawyers looking to offer pro bono services might drop in to see what we're up to and recommending as worthy causes.

Police and enforcement agencies will find the Julie Group receptive to offering independent second opinions of cyber-crime cases.

The new home for computer forensic discussions are The Julie Group or

Tho not always identified the Julie Group includes the planet's finest computer forensic practitioners and generalists as well as key journalists and enforcement observers.

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