Friday, June 08, 2007

New, Free and Recommended Security Software

I'm updating my recommendations for parents, schools, and teachers based on a new report from A-V Comparatives. Their evaluation of anti-virus software unveils two virtually unknown market players; ESet and Avira.

Avira offers a free anti-virus package that blows away many commercial and older free products.

ESet offers free one-shot anti-virus removers and a strong anti-virus commercial offering for schools. Again, a product that is way ahead of the pack.

Finally, with the disclaimer that Alex Eckelberry is a personal friend of mine, I am adding Counter Spy to my recommended security suite for parents, students, and teachers.

Don't take my word for it if you think I'm selling something. I make not a penny and I believe this will secure your computer better than just about any other affordable suite of software.

My links are on the left and the updates are worth doing now.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I notice in the HTML code for your page you have specified a size for a couple of your images which is larger than the actual picture size, resulting in a pixelated (blurred) image.

Specifically, the AntiVir logo (logo_web.gif) has a specified width of 184 pixels, where the actual image is only 102 pixels wide. The CounterSpy image (Product_CounterSpy.jpg) has a specified height of 200 pixels, where the actual image is only 115 pixels high.

Other logos display correctly because there is no specified height/width, allowing them to display at their native resolution.

I suspect that removing the two dimension specifications assocaited with the respective images will allow your page to display correctly:

width="184" (logo_web.gif)
height="200" (Product_CounterSpy.jpg)

Also, I think perhaps you need to be more careful about the word "free". All "free" anti-virus and anti-spyware software impose strict conditions on the use of the software, expressly excluding use in schools. This software is free only for private, non-commercial use. Avira (and other AV products) are not free for use in schools: