Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Julie Group

I have never in my life been associated with a stranger brew of people. Men, women,young, old, liberals, conservatives, law enforcement, lawyers, teachers, journalists, skeptics, experts, writers, and by-standers. And, of course blog readers.

The people who worked so hard as volunteers were told repeatedly that Julie Amero was convicted and that there was no chance this conviction would be abandoned. None. It doesn't happen hardly ever at all.

Jurors swore she was guilty in written comments. The police expert claimed secret knowledge and promised block-buster revelations (we're still waiting). The story was so bizarre and had so many impossible co-incidences that many thought it was written by Lewis Carroll.

I stopped blogging so that the defense team could do their jobs. And people would come up to me as if to take mt temperature and wonder if the fever had worn off and would say, "Too bad about that teacher." They'd shake their head and realize I hadn't given up. They would shift their eyes away to discreetly lament to themselves that I must be a lost cause.

The Julie Group changed the world.

Collaborative investigative journalism worked. Collaborative judicial intervention worked. Tolerant, speculative discussion threads came and went and the ones bearing merit were not diminished because lesser ideas were vetted.

The Julie Group changed the world.

Injustice as usual was replaced by justice for a change. The cockroaches are fleeing. The system smells better.

The Julie Group changed the world.

Here's what Walt Le Baron, EdD said so well just yesterday in addressing the volunteer community:
I was sort of on the side of this group, but I am just as excited as all of you that Julie has been in effect exonerated.

I can only imagine that the time and effort was considerable that you computer experts put into correcting the false testimony of Lounsbury and for setting forth the correct interpretations for this case.

You deserve the appreciation of all teachers and educators in the United States, possibly other countries as well. It is comforting to know that despite the present efforts of the federal government to destroy our liberties, there are still gallant citizens who will rise to the fore when justice demands their help. I hope your efforts are recognized by both educational and computer organizations concerned with professionalism in these fields. Meanwhile, my personal thank you for helping the cause of electronic education as well as saving Julie.
This is reprinted to make sure everyone out there gets congratulated. I think Walter speaks for everyone involved - we're all glad the others showed up.

And let me remind everyone that Julie and Wes still need contributions to their defense fund. They are a long way from being made whole. See my link in the left column to their donation site.

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