Friday, January 26, 2007

St. Jude asks Lady Justice to Dance

In the bit buckets of every classified ads section all over the world come small prayers to St Jude. Don't forget me. Help me stop falling. I just don't know anymore. Who should I trust?

Who are these people praying to? He's just that crazy wanderer that everybody complains about - some bleeding heart, weepy, pathetic bastard who every once in a while enters the shared subconscious of people who are always surprised to be invited to his narrative of social duty. No it's not an accidental iPod download and he doesn't let you shut it off. He's the original nag-ware.

Lately, he's been known to have been channeling Lenny Bruce in Berkley, and George Carlin in Cambridge, and Samuel Clemens in West Hartford. He's bumming spare cycles - he wants to exercise some dialogues this country hasn't heard in a long time. And he wants to talk about the difference between machines and humans.

On the street, the word is that he's dating Justice and she's asking him questions.

I'm blind-folded, what should I see?

When I look around I see lots of innocent people's lives being ruined. Where are the impartial judges? And where are the open-minded jurors? Look into to my mailbag and see Julie Amero.

She's been punished too much. This is not my work. But I can't dance unless I'm asked and her lawyer needs to accept assistance by reaching out to his peers.

Let me see if if can find someone to ask him to ask... I hear music in Norwich and I don't want to miss this dance.

Redemption comes to Norwich when the Norwich community begins to give Julie the social firewall she never had two years ago. She needs her friends and neighbors, and strangers to invite her into the social services community, into the warmth of a caring community, and into the hands of deserving salvation. It's never too late to ask or for people of conscience to invite.

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