Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pro Bono This! - The Julie Amero Saga Continues

This travesty of justice has turned a corner in recent days and the wheels of a truer justice are turning.

John Dvorak has joined the chorus here.

I cannot think of a single reason this woman's trial should not be considered a mistrial immediately. This woman and her family and friends have suffered terribly under the burden of these scurrilous charges. But justice is coming... of that we can be sure.

However, last night I searched for pro bono legal aid for the Amero case. And I wound up at the American Bar Association web site. Woe, unto the needy searching for help. There are convicts in solitary confinement with more sophisticated web sites.

Actually, searching for "social justice" and "lawyer" and "pro bono" results in sites dedicated to the word "oxymoron". It is easier to find a covered wagon repairman than a social justice attorney in this country. The reason isn't hard to understand given the sentiment in the mass media about anyone claiming innocence. I'm old enough to remember fellows like Ramsey Clark, William Kunsler, and a handful of others.

In Region 19 our students are expected to do community service and they do. I'm talking about raising money, raising consciousness, and doing good deeds.

Pro bono volunteers don't seem to have that same connection to community. You see just because politicians like Lieberman can reduce Connecticut's ROI to 49 of 50 states doesn't mean we don't have a need. You see if Connecticut's pro bono lawyers ever rediscover social justice the schools in Hartford, Norwich, New Haven, Bridgeport, and all over the rest of Connecticut would be getting attention instead of neglect.

But I'm tired tonight so I'll stop preaching.

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Anonymous said...

You should make sure Neal Boortz and Walter Williams are aware of the story. Boortz has a morning radio show out of Atlanta and Walter Williams is an African American columnist that sits in for Rush Limbaugh. Both are very common sense conservatives and have a large audience that would be as outraged as you and the other readers.