Monday, January 22, 2007

The Seventh Ring of Hell in Norwich

Mary Landesman is beginning to realize, like so many of us, that the public has been lied to about Julie Amero.

But every time I think we've reached all time lows in judicial history, it happens to be little more than the latest rung our heads hit as we free fall into the depths of this trial.

Mary reports,
"It's a case of possible discrimination against an attorney with a debilitating medical condition, a semi-sleeping judge who allegedly ridiculed the attorney's symptoms, an improperly instructioned jury who acted upon what they were told, never realizing that what they were told may have been tainted. And it's a case of a negligent and manipulative school administration, the real culprits behind the events that led to Amero's downfall that fateful day."

Much of this we already have covered but let's roll back to "possible discrimination against an attorney with a disability"!

I can tell you for a fact that any teacher in this country would be asked to resign if they seriously ridiculed the disability of anyone on school grounds. It appears the ethical standards for teachers exceed those of the bench!

Lady Justice hides her tears behind her blindfold. It is the responsibility of the Norwich community to demand a clean-up of their system. Any American who has a brain has to wonder if the court system has become so corrupt and cynical as to presume anyone accused of morals crimes as though they were perverts unworthy of an honest trial in court.

The fact that evidence exonerating the defendant was disallowed by this judge implies that the game is fixed - that police can simply point an accusing finger and declare that magic evidence proves a defendant guilty and that a nod and wink judiciary enjoys the sport.

Today Julie Amero is being treated like a sexual predator despite the fact that no one in the technical community believes the assertions made in court about the behavior of the computer.

Having taught at Mohegan Community College for many years, I'm asking former students to start asking questions, you're being hoodwinked. And that's not fair either.

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