Sunday, January 28, 2007

OMG!J - Online Mutant Gonzo Journalists

Since Alex, Walter, and I have started looking into the Julie Amero case it has become obvious that the main stream media no longer has the vision, budget or attention span to investigate grass roots news.

Oh, there's plenty of cash to lavish inside the beltway of Washington DC where the bar for journalism includes being a member of any of the wealthiest families in the world. They investigate incestuous political stories at dinner parties.

No, what the global media needs today are the tools that empower young and old gumshoe journalists to collaborate on the co-ordination of evidence.

Today, let me recommend something that I've talked about before, a tool called Note Mesh. This is a tool that is used by students attending a specific class to organize, share and annotate their class notes - the gestalt of a mutually correcting group being stronger than the individual. What is different about this from a WIKI is that the group is private and can be restricted to a select membership.

In the Julie Amero case a number of investigative avenues need to be pursued, co-ordinated and verified. We need volunteers who will establish a Note Mesh thread to: establish the time line of events in the classroom, establish an inventory of cases against teachers, priests, government and corporate individuals, and so on who may be affected by such accusations, ComputerCop analysis and training evaluation, layout of the classroom, and so on.

If you want to help establish such an investigative information clearinghouse we will point you to a MSM journalist who can use it.

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Anonymous said...

Now this is being debated on FOX News, by equally ill-informed former prosecutors, parroting all the same baloney that is SO WRONG, it's inconceivable.

Need more duct tape, please.

In this interview, some idiot named Lis Wiehl admits straight out that she knows NOTHING about computers, but somehow she's still qualified to give an opinion.

I guess we know now why she's a 'former' prosecutor.

Thank you Frank for your continued attention to this - Hopefully the sane voices will drown out the fools who seem to speak only to hear the sound of their own voices.