Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is Stabbing the Other Team Unsportsmanlike?

Is that all it is?

There are allegations that a recent high school football game included the use of concealed knives. Kind of makes you sick, no?

From WTNH NEWS [Bob Wilson]:
There are serious allegations against East Hartford High's football squad following a game against Southington High School.

Four Southington players were injured in last Friday's game against East Hartford, but it does not appear to be your typical football injuries.

Police are investigating claims that the players were stabbed while on the playing field by the opposing team. All four Southington players sustained cuts to their hands and one player even had to get stitches for his injuries.

"A couple of the kids got slashed and the way it looks, it wasn't a slash like with a helmet, but a slash like somebody is cutting somebody on the field. It's pretty dangerous," said Southington parent, Shante Davis.

"It's shocking that they have to take it to that level, of hurting the other team instead of playing the game," said Southington parent, Michael Beach.

"I thought it was really dirty and bad on their part," said Southington JV player, Nick Durand.

Southington police are trying to figure out if the high school gridiron is a crime scene or an accident scene.

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