Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congress Needs to Fire Spellings

My head is going to explode from reading the inane adventures of Margaret Spellings, secretary of the US Department of Education. Aside from the fact that she's run the agency into the ground treating it as a partisan money sink for George Bush's personally insane agenda, she now chooses NOT TO INVESTIGATE the student loan scandal!

Congress needs to just get rid of this agency completely, it is hollow and dangerous to children and taxpayers. The political thugs running it should be banned for life from being near kids. Just go away.

From the Courant, Student Loan Trouble Tied To `Confusion'
Education Secretary Plans No Audit Of `Improper' Payments

By AMIT R. PALEY | Washington Post
Education Secretary Margaret Spellings has acknowledged that the federal government "had some responsibility" for "confusion" over subsidy rules that helped student loan companies reap hundreds of millions of dollars in potentially excessive payments at taxpayer expense.

But Spellings said in a recent interview that she has no plans to pursue a full accounting of the cost of what the Education Department's inspector general termed "improper" payments. They occurred in a program that guarantees lenders a 9.5 percent interest rate for certain loans even when market rates are much lower.

The department doesn't plan to seek reimbursement either, she said.
How do you spell bald political corruption and coverup?

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