Thursday, October 04, 2007

Education Gone Strange

A UConn law professor, Robert L. Birmingham, has been forced to take a leave of his teaching at a UConn as reported in the Courant. An alumni wrote this comment,
I am a full Birmingham supporter and I know plenty of other alumni who feel the same way and feel that Dean Paul is completely in the wrong. Birmingham's class forces student's to examine issues and stretch their logic/analytical skills further and more profoundly then any other class at that school. In fact, I would put his classes against any "philosophy" oriented program at any of the "top ranked" schools that parade around New England in their liberal limousines.
Regardless, I feel that many of comments I've read here are juvenile and way left of center as they relate to what actually transpired. The alumni, including men and women, I believe are not happy today. One our great thinker's and one of the States greatest educator's has taken leave. What a sad day for our educational system.
The insanity just won't stop.

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