Sunday, August 12, 2007

East and West

A few months ago Le Figaro (via the Economist) reported how Chinese language teachers from China were being prepped for French students.
The French newspaper, Le Figaro, reports this morning how three French cities are either using or preparing to use a "survival kit" for Chinese language teachers, most of whom are Chinese-born or Chinese nationals, and who are "going through Hell" as they struggle to keep order, to quote one education boss from the city of Rennes. Numbers of French pupils applying to study Chinese rose by 30% this year, and nationally 20,000 teenagers will be embarking on their first steps with putonghua this autumn.

Top piece of advice in the survival kits? Guidance on how European adolescents differ from those in Asia. "Your class will be filled with pupils of differing ability: appearing to be the best will be a source of shame to them, and they think exploring how far they can push an adult is funny," the French guide suggests.

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Club said...

Well as learning Chinese is on option, they'll maybe quieter than usuall student...