Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Improved Region 19 Weblog!

Well, I spent many hours converting this weblog from Google's older technology to the newer look, feel, and administration. I hope everyone likes it. I'm trying to keep the site topical, interesting, and vital to everyone involved.

Unfortunately a casualty of the conversion is unintentional and unfortunate. My post titles used to link to the exact article that the post refers to. The links did not survive the conversion. Those of you who have followed this know that I have never plagurized or posted unattributable material. My apologies for any material that's been orphaned such that the source is not obvious.

Please contact me if the archives require further information. I have contacted Google about the issue and maybe it will get fixed. For researchers who need exact sources please search the source site that is almost always cited in the actual post.

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