Monday, August 07, 2006

First Person Shooter Religion

There's a new religious video game that's being released soon for the missionary crowd. As a recruiter for your religious faith your avatar goes out into the same virtual worlds that most gamers habitate and you attempt to convert the individuals you meet to become disciples of your religion.

The object of the game is that these pseudo-real people convert or suffer the consequences. Your disciple - should you choose to take the assignment - is appraently armed with little more than a Bible and an automatic weapon to get the conversion completed.

I mention this in passing because games like this will eventually contribute to a school tragedy somewhere in the United States or elsewhere. We are incapable of being shocked, awed, or even caring so do not misunderstand this as a liberal screed wondering what ever happened to common decency and humanity. We're over that.

This Comedy Central Daily Show news spoof features some footage and clever commentary on the game. You'll laugh until you cry.

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