Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Serpico - All Over Again, Adil Polanco - American Hero

Jim Hoffer at an NY ABC affiliate is reporting on the covert practices of Police in one NY Precinct. Given the nature of the practice, it is likely a viral practice within all urban police communities and it is symptomatic of the way that society is being micro-managed by the self-appointed government bureaucrats who want to be our jailers.

This video is a tribute to the fine art of journalism done right:

Officer Adil Polanco is doing something so ethical that he reminds us of who police used to be.
When Officer Adil Polanco dreamed of becoming a cop, it was out of a desire to help people not, he says, to harass them.

"I'm not going to keep arresting innocent people, I'm not going to keep searching people for no reason, I'm not going to keep writing people for no reason, I'm tired of this," said Adil Polanco, an NYPD Officer.

Officer Polanco says One Police Plaza's obsession with keeping crime stats down has gotten out of control. He claims Precinct Commanders relentlessly pressure cops on the street to make more arrests, and give out more summonses, all to show headquarters they have a tight grip on their neighborhoods.

"Our primary job is not to help anybody, our primary job is not to assist anybody, our primary job is to get those numbers and come back with them?" said Officer Polanco.

Polanco goes on to explain to Hoffer the effect this has on urban youth. The same urban youth public schools and teachers are being "held accountable" for. The math lessons they are learning in the streets will be hard to overcome.
Eyewitness News asked, "Are you telling me they're stopping people for no reason, is that what you're saying?"

"We are stopping kids walking upstairs to their house, stopping kids going to the store, young adults. In order to keep the quota," answered Officer Polanco.

"Yeah, they locked us up for nothing," said Zebulun Colbourne.

The Colbourne brothers say they and three other friends were the victims of quotas. All were arrested a few months ago after one of them had fallen while racing each other.

Eyewitness News asked, "You fell and that's how you hurt your eye?"

"Yeah, and they just wanted to arrest us. I told them I fell but that didn't matter to them," said Elijah Colbourne.

All five were accused of engaging in tumultuous and violent conduct that caused public alarm, given a summons for unlawful assembly and locked up overnight.

Eyewitness News asked, "So you're locked up waiting to see the judge, right?"

"Yeah," answered the Colbourne brothers.

Eyewitness News asked, "Then what do they do?"

"We don't see the judge, they let us out the back door after they kept us for a day and some change," said Elijah Colbourne.

The charges were dropped, but Officer Polanco says the patrolman still got 5 summonses toward their monthly quota.

"At the end of the night you have to come back with something. You have to write somebody, you have to arrest somebody, even if the crime is not committed, the number's there. So our choice is to come up with the number," said Officer Polanco.

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Suarez said...

I worked with Polanco up until he got suspended and was sent to Manhattan Central Booking. After reading the comments on this page I had to shed some light on what you all do not know about him, and what is not in the news. Polanco was originally a school guidence coucilor who was FIRED from the NYC public school system, and he is currently suing. How he got hired by the NYPD, I do not know. Polanco was PREVIOUSLY suspended 2 years ago in regards to a domestic dispute which his wife was cheating on him and he got into a fight with the guy. When Polanco got suspended for this, the Captain of his Precinct (who he claims is racist in a letter to IAB) did him a FAVOR and kept him at the precinct instead of shpping him out (which is usually done) For over a year, while modified, Polanco worked inside in a cushy spot doing almost NOTHING. He did not want to go back on patrol and when his modified duty expired a year later he went back in a squad on Partol for several months until he got into a dispute with a supervisor calling him a "White Bitch" which is racist. Polanco was suspended for this reason. To save his fat ass, he went to the news in regards to "summons quotas" etc etc. Listen, this guy is a racist asshole, who is lazy and did not want to work. Top pay is now at $80,0000. He has LESS than 4 years (the news said he has 4, but he hadnt reached it yet). I read this comments about him saying "good job" blah blah blah. He is a slob. In those pictures he looks clean cut from 2 years ago. In the precint and patrol his clothes are wrinkled and sticking out of the back of his pants (shirt). People, dont believe everything you see and hear on the news. Those 2 thugs you saw in the same video clip as him saying they were just "running around" when the cops arrested them? Well, thos 2 brothers are members of the Crips, and have been arrested several times. Not the little angels you think they are. Oh, by the way, when MC Cain was running against Obama Polanco told me that "anyone who votes for Mc Cain is a racist". This is the dirt bag who was fortunate to come to the USA from Dominican Republic, got his citizenhip, and a nice job with the city. He hates this country, I have heard him say he hates the USA, meanwhile we have all this illegal aliens here who are hard workers and would love to live/stay here as citizens and we get garbage like this. Wake up people.

41 Pct cop