Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hartford Goes South Park

The epidemic of stupidity that's coming out of the State House in Hartford is threatening to engulf the entire State in a cesspool of ignorance that will not easily wash clean. The fine line between farce and maliciously moronic legislation is being tested (daily).

Steven Goode of the Courant reports that,
A bill proposed by a city legislator calls for residency restrictions for registered sex offenders that would make it virtually impossible for them to live in Hartford.

State Rep. Kelvin Roldan's bill, which went before the judiciary committee Monday, would make it illegal for registered sex offenders to live within 2,000 feet of a public or private school or day care facility.

According to Hartford police, 547 — or 96 percent — of the 568 registered sex offenders living in the city are within 2,000 feet of a school or day care provider. If the bill is passed, the restrictions would not apply to those who already live in permanent housing within the restricted zone. It would affect anyone living in a temporary shelter with 60- and 90-day housing limits and any offender who moves into the city after Oct. 10.

Roldan said the law would help keep registered sex offenders out of situations that might cause them to commit another crime.

"This is all about the safety of our children," Roldan said.

But Public Safety Commissioner John Danaher said he believes the provision could cause problems for police and other agencies required to keep track of offenders.

"It is our belief that it would create a situation that they would have no place to live, causing them to go underground," said Danaher. "It would create a problem for law enforcement because we want to be able to know where they are."

Right. It's all about the safety of -cough- our children. So where oh where will these people go? UNDERGROUND???? I don't think so. They will go to suburbia. That's right, the place that has no social service infrastructure or police forces who can deal with keeping track of these social misfits.

This law like so many of the "not in my back yard" legislations is evil. Evil like the episode of South Park called Night of the Living Homeless. Wikipedia's synopsis may have been the template for this legislation.
While talking to the survivors, who have clearly become paranoid, Kyle finds a pamphlet on the ground, which advertises South Park as a "haven for the homeless". He realizes the Evergreen townspeople got rid of their homeless by convincing them to migrate to South Park. The children realize that they must get rid of the homeless because, as Kyle reasons, their parents are as stupid as the people of Evergreen, and South Park would fall apart just like Evergreen did.

The law I would like to see introduced is one that would ban bad legislators from coming within two hundred miles of CT. The air would smell so much sweeter.

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