Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My ADTC Resignation Letter

March 24, 2010

Dear friends and others,

Please accept my immediate resignation from the Ashford Democratic Town Committee. Until very recently, I have had the great pleasure of sharing the good company and goodwill of many of you. I plan on remaining a lifelong friend of those who are.

However, I can no longer support national candidates who solicit my time, money, and psychic energy to get elected and then turn around and marginalize or wholly lock-out points of view near and dear to my heart. I plan to dedicate those resources to ensuring that those people never again take advantage of my concerns as a citizen.

More importantly, as a Board of Education member I find myself serving with other members of the Democratic persuasion who chronically misrepresent our community. I find their indifference to the community of Ashford's best interests AND Region19's best interests unconscionable. Again, as someone who has dedicated time, energy, money, and goodwill toward both the Democratic party and the election of said individuals, I can no longer justify continuing to to so.

Our Region is being fiscally bankrupted by Board members whose cynical disregard for the plight of children in their own communities is obvious and unrelenting. I cannot and will not support any candidate from any town who is willing to stab the people who depend on them in the back.

Furthermore. our regional economics need to be addressed seriously and with all due haste. No one in any town, regardless of how complacent they may believe they are, can afford *not* to have the ability to vote for a reduction in the coming year-to-year budget. Families already hard hit by the national economy have a Constitutional Right of Self-Defense (the vote) to protect themselves from bureaucrats who are indifferent to watching their families suffer.

Every thinking citizen in our towns needs to demand that the right to vote on a one-percent decrease in the Region19 budget. The voters trusted me when I was elected and I trust them to do what's right for themselves.

The time is now. The pickpockets are at your door and on your Board. You can choose to save your communities or not. You can choose to play politics or not. But once the money is spent and the clouds roll in - DO NOT CLAIM YOU DID NOT KNOW THIS IS THE CASE.

With great memories and great regret,

Frank Krasicki

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