Monday, September 29, 2008

The Problem: A Lack of Vision, Not Credit

I am so grateful for the Republicans and Democrats who refused to bail out Wall St. It, in part, restores the idea that America is not wholly brain-dead.

The commentators in the Main Stream Media (MSM) have created a duality of Main St. vs Wall St. Could any analogy be more out-of-touch? Main St. in America disappeared in the 1960's and the Wall St. the media hypes is a conceptual auction house that no longer has veracity in the 21st century.

The MSM exudes the specter of unemployment to an American workforce whose jobs have long fled the country thanks to the very CEOs begging to restore their global empires.

And they blame people who were entangled in a credit swindle that punished consumers for not accepting credit, for attempting to cancel credit cards, and for begging to stop the telephone credit entrapment calls. Instead of blaming the credit industry that kept consumers in a state of indentured servitude with 18% and 21% and higher credit interests, these geniuses blame the home-buyers too illiterate to recognize the con game.

They cite Chrysler, and Ford and GM as needing credit when what is really needed is vision.

Nothing about this bailout will help the middle-class.

May the bailout bill rest in peace forever.

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