Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Fix is In

I've been watching the Congressional testimony on the Wall St bailout plan. The plan will pass ans always would. There's a lot of Congressional posturing going on but the fix is in.

CNBC's economic commentators are wetting themselves at the prospect that the Wall St game can resume - business as usual. The money that's infused into the system will find itself in the coffers ogf the rich and the average citizen will take major hits on their investments if not get wiped out. This is not a game for the weak of stomach.

The fools at GM, Chrysler, and Ford are advocating the passage of this bill because they think it will help sell their wares. How a taxpayer suddenly $10K/year deeper in debt can afford their wares is never considered.

Americans who have to train their foreign replacement workers now have to pay their bills as well.

And in Washington the lies flow like honey.

"It's not a bailout its and investment!"

"No, this won't cause inflation."

"In the interest of the taxpayer..."

This is a bad idea that should never be approved.

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