Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Home Invasion Invitation

Today the Forth Amendment was eliminated from the Bill of Rights.

The Forth Amendment is metaphorically referred to when an American believes that their "home is their castle". And despite the subprime mortgage meltdown this amendment applies to every home and not just property.

Today that is little more than homily and signals yet another desecration of the flag and country by the political powers that be.

For schools the elimination of this Bill of Rights amendment to the Constitution creates a bit of a crisis for social studies teachers.

Do all of the amendments after the Forth now get renumbered? If they do a lot of textbooks need revising.

And can anyone claiming to be an authority now walk through your home uninvited? And what rights exist for homeowners who attempt to protect themselves from such ambiguous home invasions? For parents this will be particularly troubling when you find invaders in the home searching your screaming children's room. Fear not, it's all in the name of political expedience.

It's another sad day for what's left of America but what's new?

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