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The UnTold Neil Bush Story: Preface

A few months ago I had bookmarked an Alternet article that repeated a question about Neil Bush's education company, Ignite, Inc. who distribute something called Curriculum on Wheels (COW). I was doing some house-cleaning of my bookmarks a few days ago and reread the article and decided to update it with my observations.

I never expected what looked to be yet another run-of-the-mill Bush family scam to be so vile or so mysteriously obfuscated by both the journalists on the right and the left. Like a greased pig, the untold story continues to slip its way into oblivion.

This education story involves concubines, cover-ups, threats to national security, international intrigue, a press corp more interested in smoke than fire, a bait-and-switch product, non-existent oversight, the subliminal subversion of the Constitution, and the central character is qualified to be little more than a whistling hollywood second-banana in a buddy western.

Because of the volume of research this story requires, this post as well as follow-up postings will be re-edited over the next few days. Unlike most journalists who have tried to connect the dots, I am not following the money. I am following the slime trail.

Instead of spending a lot of time admonishing you about the excesses of the Bush family or Neil in particular, I just want to examine the public record and asked some unasked questions that I believe weave a quite different story than you will find anywhere else.

Neil's Divorce

The first unusual fact that everyone who examines Neil's public record will discover involves the unusual behavior his former wife testified to in relation to the divorce proceeding. Neil's household behavior had become so bizarre that his wife ripped some hair off his head to be tested for drugs. A second time she pocketed a wisp of hair from a stylist's studio for the same reason.

Neil Bush's lawyer claimed the former wife was practicing "voodoo". Let's assume Bush's wife of twenty plus years, a former schoolteacher and mother of his children was not walking around with a little Neil voodoo doll with pins in it.

Let's assume, she really did want to have the hair tested because of the behavior she was witnessing. If the drug were alcohol abuse, a hair sample would be unnecessary because according to this and many other sites here's what she was worried about:
What type of drugs can be detected in a standard hair test?

Cocaine (Cocaine & Benzoylecgonine), Marijuana, Opiates (Codeine, Morphine & 6-Monacteyl Morphine), Methamphetamine (Methamphetamine/Amphetamine & Ecstasy), and Phencyclidine (PCP). These five drug classes are mandated for testing by the Federal Government.

Oh. That's an interesting concern, don't you think? Maybe she knows something the rest of us should know.

But let's assume Neil is innocent of illegal drug use. What could explain the behavior? Another disturbing clue is found in the divorce public record.

Neil Bush's trips to the Arab Republic, Asia, and the Pacific might hardly be considered a series of boring hotel stays. That means that he would be writing home about the stinking mint that was left on his pillow.

But that's not at all Neil's experience. No, Neil testified that on at least two occasions, a woman knocked on his door and asked to have sex. And , not wanting to offend the locals, Neil obliged.

Now, everyone who covered this part of the story leaves it at that and wags a finger. But my concern -cough- goes a little deeper. How does an unidentified woman walk past the Secret Service and knock on Neil's door for a nooner unless the woman is pre-screened as a concubine assigned to the administration?

I mean, if Clinton sharing a cigar with Monica Lewinski was a security threat, what the hell would you call this? And how -pardon the pun- widespread is this practice? Is it limited to the Bush Bros? Chaney? Does a Unik visit Condolezza as an ice breaker while visiting?

But let's finish the lap. If Elliot Spitzer's infidelity is all over the internet, has the administration been compromised? And which one? Does Osama Bin Laden relax on Friday nights by having a beer party featuring stag films of the American government officials who preach but practice abroad?

And finally, was Bush's erratic behavior the results of willfully taking drugs or being drugged? And what are those conversations like in the Gulf and China - small talk or state secrets?

Postscript to the preface:

Oh, actually there is one more detail that no one talks about. Only the Bush administration and their hosts know who these visitors were, male or female, child or adult, predisposed to the exotic or missionaries.

The origin of Ignite, Inc. was consummated in this stew of inbred, power broking hubris.

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