Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The End of the Republic? Bush's NCLB Poison Pill

A recent entry in the Educational Justice blog caught my attention. I responded with this comment.
"Another reason to revamp the accountability system is the new testing program that will be launched in high schools in the 2011-12 school year. Beginning with ninth-graders that year, students will be required to take a dozen end-of-course exams through high school and get a passing score in each subject area to earn a diploma."

This has me concerned. Connecticut's new Dept of Education administration is recommending this identical thing. It is as if the states no longer exist in a republic in which each state gets to decide what's best for that population.

The horrifying thing about this additional testing is that by 2011, NCLB is supposed to eliminate failing schools and if it doesn't then high-stakes, high-stress testing is a failure. Yet, it looks as though the Bush administration's plan is to create 50 state NCLB's to carry on the nightmare.

Can we get a head count of states plagiarizing each others future plans? there may be an unconstitutional intrusion of federal tyranny at work in the states educational responsibilities. Where's these 2011 testing plans coming from?
Every indication is that the Bush administration is preparing a surprise for America after they leave office and that is the perpetuation of their insipid educational pogroms by migrating their legislation to all 50 states. This is a wholesale subversion of the principles of the republic, the brazen theft of states rights, and the denial of the next democratically elected administration to administer their desired education policies and directives. State legislatures may not even be aware of the federal high-jacking of their jurisdiction.

This collusion of dictating testing policies in each state may have criminal implications if bribery or corruption is involved. At face value, the co-incidental similarities are highly suspicious.

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