Saturday, November 10, 2007

No Homework Over the Holidays!

I just sent a request to our Board and to the other region Boards to consider the following:

Can we add the No Homework over major Holidays policy recommendation on our agendas?

This obviously needs committee and Board airing but I'm wondering if we can take a straw vote before Thanksgiving so that the staff can rearrange assignment schedules. Secondly, I'd like to see this passed to the Primary school BOEs as well.

It would be a giant relief to dozens of families if holidays could be honored as holidays - time OFF! Period. This is really long overdue - it reduces stress, let's everyone chill out, eliminates last minute headaches and so on. It's the right thing to do.

Now, we might suggest that instead of homework, everyone read something interesting or watch an educational program but nothing official. And because we can't vote on it soon enough can we get the superintendents to "recommend" the practice until we can formalize something?

- Frank Krasicki


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Families need time to spend together without the stress of homework over school vacations and holidays. If superintendents asked faculty to rewrite curriculum or something over their time off, I'm sure they'd have their union reps with grievences filed! Give families and students the break they need and deserve!

Anonymous said...

i agree also. i hate leaving for a big trip during break and not being able to spend time with my family and friends, and i hate having to go back to school after the break and try to remember all the things we learned before the break.