Sunday, November 18, 2007

Best High School Website in the Country

I attended the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education Convention in Groton this past weekend and something became joyfully obvious, the EO Smith website may be the best in the country. It is an astonishingly rich resource for the entire community of towns it serves and every taxpayer, parent, student and interested other party should poke around a bit.

At the request of the Board and with the goodwill of administration, staff and teachers the website is brimming with information about activities in every facet of the school's cultural presence. Click on a domain such as parents, students, administration, or whatever and you enter a portal maintained and co-ordinated by those individuals - parents informing parents, staff promoting their achievements and interests and accomplishments.

For other schools looking for website models, we encourage you to explore ours. We believe this Web 2.0 model may just be a contender for highest quality in the country.

EO - check it out.

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