Friday, November 16, 2007

Disempower the State DOE

I responded to this article, High School May Get Harder by Arielle Levin Becker and Rachel Gottlieb; Here it is.

The State Board of Education needs to be sued in a class action suit on behalf of children for malfeasance and cruel and unusual treatment of developing youth.

These recommendations are knee-jerk, reactionary sentiments that protect the special interest groups who continue to rob taxpayers of a fair mechanism of delivering education to the public.

These recommendations belong in the last century. Their roots can be found in Nazi Germany and modern day Guantanamo. This is the application of more and harder and louder until the students finally are broken into unquestioning automatons whose story of breakdown will continue to be ignored.

These curriculum recommendations belong in a society dedicated to the industrial revolution not the information age. By keeping our kids in an intellectual vacuum we assure the demise of democracy and prosperity in this country at exactly the time we need wild, free-thinking and innovative infusions of brain-power into the workforce.

This commission belongs in jail.

- krasicki

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Anonymous said...

I unequivocally agree with your assessment as put forth in your letter - Bravo!