Sunday, April 22, 2007

Global Warming Teach-In this Week at EO

What! A teach-in! Aren't those illegal? Don't tell Margaret Spellings or Steven Colbert.

This week, EO Smith is having a Global Warming Teach-In. Here's the schedule and if you have an interest there is probably still some room to participate or attend. See the EO Smith website for contact information.

    Calendar of Events

    Monday, 4/23

    Theme: What Is Global

    C and D periods Colin Bennett
    of Clean Water Action in Hartford will present An Inconvenient
    . Bennett is one of a group of specially selected environmental
    leaders selected by former Vice President Al Gore to give his "Inconvenient
    Truth" presentation to groups around the country. (sponsor Gary

    G period EO Smith alumni
    Jessica Walker, currently employed by Raytheon Polar Services Company
    in support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of Polar
    Programs, will present on Antarctic Mapping and the Climate Change
    . (sponsor Kathy Ryan-Gidman)

    H period Lyn Miller-Lachmann
    will be talking about her Eco-Thriller Dirt Cheap

    (sponsor Anderson). In addition, faculty member Jon Swanson will be
    presenting a talk called Climate Change: Impact on Coral Reefs
    (sponsor Swanson)

    Tuesday, 4/24

    Theme: How Might Global
    Warming Affect Connecticut?

    B period Chris Cadiz will
    be showing two videos from the Journey to Planet Earth
    Series, hosted by Matt Damon. The first video is titled State
    of the Planet
    ; the second is titled Future Conditional.
    (sponsor Cadiz)

    C Period Alternative
    Transportation: One Person's Effort and Savings

    (talk by faculty member Armand Saccomano)—I hope to inspire students
    by illustrating the difference just one person can make by simply riding
    a bicycle to EO Smith. I will describe the environmental, financial,
    and personal benefits that performing an enjoyable activity can bring.
    (sponsor Saccomanno)

    F period Professor Ken
    Noll from the University of Connecticut’s department of Molecular
    and Cell Biology will be presenting 2nd and 3rd
    lunch on The Pros and Cons of Ethanol As An Alternative Fuel.
    (sponsor Grunko)

    E and G periods Professor
    Robert Thorson from the University of Connecticut’s department of
    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology will be presenting the talk Connecticut
    Climate Change: Past and Future
    . (sponsor Pirrie)

    Wednesday, 4/25

    Theme: Is Global Warming
    Caused By Humans?

    C period Brian Grosjean
    of Northeast Generation Services will present a talk called Utilities:
    Part of the Climate Solution
    (sponsor Pirrie)

    D period Professor Laurence
    Gould from the University of Hartford’s Physics Department will be
    presenting Remarks on “An Inconvenient

    Truth” and Related Issues
    (sponsor Green)

    F Period there will be
    a talk given 2nd and 3rd lunch by local Mansfield
    resident Don Hoyle on Living in a Fossil Fuel Free Home (sponsor

    G period Professor Gould
    and Professor Anji Seth from the University of Connecticut’s Department
    of Geology will present opposing viewpoints on the topic Is Human
    Activity the Primary Cause of Global Warming?

    H period there will be a forum to examine the
    majority and minority viewpoints entitled Human Activity and Global
    Warming: A Panel Discussion
    , with professors Gould and Seth, in
    addition to Emeritus Professor Howard Hayden, University of Connecticut
    Department of Physics, and faculty member /Emeritus Professor Gary Bent
    University of Connecticut Department of Physics (sponsor Green)

    Thursday, 4/26

    Theme: What Can Our
    Institutions Do?

    B period Connecticut State
    Representatives Denise Merrill and Brian Hurlburt will be speaking on
    Action on Climate Change by the State of Connecticut
    (sponsor Stone)

    D and F periods University
    of Connecticut Professor William T. Alpert, Director of the Center for
    Economic Education, will be speaking on The Economics of Climate
    . This will be two separate topic presentations, either of
    which can be attended; the second presentation will be during 1st
    and 2nd lunches (sponsor O’Connor)

    F period engineer Brian
    Grosjean from Northeast Utilities will be presenting on what utilities
    in Connecticut are doing to reduce greenhouse gases. (sponsor Pirrie)

    E and H periods we are
    hoping either U. S. representative Joseph Courtney or U. S. Representative
    John Larson will be speaking on a federal response to the issue of climate

    H period there will be
    a re-showing of the Journey to Planet Earth Series, hosted
    by Matt Damon. The first video is titled State of the Planet;
    the second is titled Future Conditional. (sponsor Cadiz)

    Friday, 4/27

    Theme: What Can
    We Do?

    C and D periods John Seager,
    president of Population Connection (formerly known as Zero Population
    Growth) will present on Population and the Climate Connection.
    (sponsor Paruolo)

    E period faculty member
    Paul Murray will present a talk titled Walden III (sponsor Murray)

    G period will be devoted
    to student performances on the topic of global warming; events to be
    announced (sponsor Abercrombie)

    H period there will be
    a tree planting ceremony out on the school grounds (sponsor Vo-Ag Department(?))

    In addition for Friday,
    there will be a “Solutions Fair”, to be set up in a suitable location,
    with local and national business leaders and activists setting up exhibits,
    booths and interactive displays that offer ideas on how to actively
    combat climate change. The following is a list of activities already

    • Demonstration of
      a diesel car converted to run on vegetable oil (Santasierre)

    • Demonstrations of
      miniature fuel cell cars from the United States Department of Energy

    • Fluorescent Bulb
      sale with sign-up for clean energy electricity option (Walton)

    • E. O. Smith’s
      own Cool-It team, with plans for reducing E. O. Smith’s “carbon
      footprint” (Bent/Cadiz)

    • Demonstration of
      biodiesel as an alternative fuel (Pirrie)

    • Table with ideas
      from Population Connection (Paruolo)

    • Booth with information
      on the role of buying locally in fighting climate change (Pirrie)

    • Bicycles from Scott’s

Other potential ideas include
recycling, solar panels, a booth or table sponsored by ConnPIRG, and
a booth or table sponsored by a local geothermal company.

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