Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And So It Goes

Another mass murder, this time in Virginia, has taken the lives of over thirty people. No one knows why.

The President comforted those who were most traumatically affected, those gun owners nervously cradling their weapons or hiding them assuming yet another national -cough- dialog about weapons regulation. The networks will soon release a flood of administration counselors to instruct the nation that guns don't kill, people do and that if everyone had the right to carry concealed weapons then the outcome might have been much different.

We must also not forget that school discipline is failing according to these sources. Boy students will no doubt be put on yet a higher dosage of drugs should they draw a war scene in art class, pull Janey's hair, or act like a boy in an educational institution that demands head-bowed passivity and conformity.

Parents too will get an earful of how awful they are - a menace to society if you ask gun owners and yet another good reason we should all arm ourselves.

Last night, PBS aired a film about the Occupation of Iraq and lamented that the nation is generally apathetic about what soldiers are going through. Considering the decades recriminations that followed Vietnam, I am not at all surprised.

President Bush celebrated the day by reading something sent from the Iraqi government whoever they are. Bush read a statement from the Iraqi Prime Minister who apparently is presenting the findings of Iraq's own 9/11 commission report that asserts that in fact 9/11 was connected to Iraq and that the only way to avoid Iraqi from flying to the United States to sort out their differences is for Congress to submit yet another blank check to President Bush to "support our troops" and grease the creaky wheels of democratization in Iraq.

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