Thursday, October 26, 2006

Student Representation on the Board of Education

Tuesday we had a Policy subcommittee meeting. These have become very interesting events because, for the first time in many years the school policies are being entirely reviewed and updated. The process has been deliberately slow because the committee has really been focusing not only on the platitudes of the policies but on the procedure and practice. Interesting conversation to say the least.

Something that came up though was my campaign promise to broaden the scope of student involvement on the Board. In some of the first meetings I suggested one student from each town sit on the Board. We revisited that logic.

My reasons for desiring the additional representation was to use these students to act as intermediaries between the high school and incoming eighth grade students to help clarify issues and smooth the promotion from the lower grade to the high school.

What I was unaware of when I was running is the existance of Responsible Student Peers who are high school students chosen for just this kind of duty and thus negating the need for my suggestion. We're going to continue the dialogue about improving the transition to high school as we go.

We also talked about who should qualify to represent the student body and decided to leave the existing Student Congress membership requirement in place mostly because other algorithms were no more superior and usually only complicated matters.

It should also be noted with some degree of pride that Region 19 honors student representation on the Board. Some Boards do not.

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