Saturday, October 07, 2006

Military Recruiting Dirty Tricks

I found this diary entry on the Daily Kos website. Why is our government operating this way - entrapping students who don't know better? This is profoundly disturbing activity.

In part from: High School Military Recruiting: My Son's Story by blue jersey mom
Friday was spirit day at my son's public high school. A pep rally was scheduled in advance of the soccer and football games this weekend. On the PA system in the morning the students were informed that that the school was holding a raffle for an iPod and that the raffle was sponsored by a local radio station and the US Army. The students had the opportunity to enter the raffle during their lunch break.

The raffle table in the lunch room was manned by three school staff members and a local radio personality. No military recruiters were present on the school campus. My son went over to the table, and he was about to fill out one of the raffle tickets. He noticed that on the bottom of the raffle ticket, in small print, the student was notified that by entering the raffle, his or her personal information would be shared with the US Army.

Fortunately, my son was smart enough not to enter the raffle. But how many other minor student's personal data have been shared with the military against their parent's wishes?

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