Sunday, December 04, 2005

Participate in Matters of Life and Death - Cindy Sheehan visit.

The UConn Progressive Student Alliance has invited Cindy Sheehan to speak tomorrow, Monday, Dec. 5 at 7 pm (students admitted at 6:15, general public at 6:30). She will appear at the Student Union Theater at UConn.

Anyone in the Region 19 community who is interested should make an honest effort to attend. This is an opportunity to participate in something Jerzy Kosinski calls 'being there'. Students will someday look back at Cindy much the way Rosa Parks has been celebrated as a single human voice who changed the world.

Region19 needs to make her visit warm and appreciative.

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Anonymous said...

Rosa Parks... are you kidding me? Cindy Sheehan is a lunatic. She makes the anti-war movement look like a joke. She's nowhere near as respectable as Rosa Parks. She's a publicity hog.