Monday, December 05, 2005

Some thoughts on EOSmith's newspaper The Oracle

I had an opportunity to take a look at the latest issue of the school paper, The Oracle and have a small wishlist based on what I read.

It would be interesting to collect all the student book reviews and have a copy available at all Region19 libraries so that students could reference each other's favorite reading material. A good way to share interests and a very nice way for Middle School students to read ahead if they're advanced readers.

Although theater reviews are fine, I wish I could download a movie version or an iPod condensed version - maybe with some rehersal bloppers.

The paper might be better served in an HTML format that allows for links to author biography pages and so on.

Yearbooks are now being ordered but it might be interesting to bundle a DVD or CD with all the papers that came out over the four years of the graduating class's tenure along with MP3's of the school band performances, sports highlights, and so on.

What do you think might be worthwhile?

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