Monday, May 12, 2008

Teachers. Don't Try This in the United States

Hattip to Reddit on this one. An unbelievable story about a student lecturing Boy Scouts on the US Constitution and being labeled a "terrorist" for doing so. Watch out Social Studies teachers, you're next!

As part of his duties as an advisor in the college office, Jeff was tasked with the role of giving a short speech and a tour to a group of Boy Scouts that were visiting the college, with a focus on how patriotism and liberty are emphasized in the teaching style of the university.

Jeff said he told the boys, "It's going to be you who is going to take this country and either make or break it - you need to get back to your constitution, you need to get to know your bill of rights and you need to stand up for them."

Jeff also mentioned that the freedoms enumerated in the bill of rights were fast being usurped by the government and he briefly talked about the USA Patriot Act.

"I said they're stripping us of what we know to be America, what you need to do is re-orient yourself to the constitution because that is the very founding basis of our government and it is the supreme law of the land," he added.

The next day Jeff was called into the main administrative office of the university where he was met by college officials and two men wearing dark suits and sunglasses who did not identify themselves. A state trooper was also guarding the door to make sure everyone stayed inside the office.

Jeff was asked by the men if he talked to the Boy Scouts about the constitution the previous day. Jeff was then shown a transcript of what he said and asked to fill in the blanks.

"I saw the transcript of what I said and every word that those boys had said," stated Jeff.

Jeff speculated that the recording of his talk with the Boy Scouts may have been made by a scout master who looked like a Marine that was taking the tour with Jeff.

After asking the men where they were from, Jeff was told he was committing "acts of terror and espionage" by talking to the Boy Scouts about the constitution and the bill of rights.

Jeff was unable to ascertain exactly where the feds were from but university officials later indicated that DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and the FBI were involved.

Jeff said that the two men told him, "If you say anything, do anything, continue to talk about these kind of things, we can have your head on a silver platter and the University's head on a silver platter and all the programs they've got going on."

Jeff said that a high level college official who was present during the meeting, himself an ex-Marine Vietnam veteran, was extremely nervous and "shaking" as Jeff was being lectured by the two men.

"I went to my room and I broke down in tears," said Jeff after the meeting was finished, "That's it - our country's gone," he added.
Brutal is the only word that describes what this country is degenerating into. If anything deserves an investigation it is stuff like this.

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Anonymous said...

The USA is in real trouble; it faces collapse at virtually all corners of its foundation. Unless this country can unite against an enemy which uses the media as its main weapon, the vision will be lost, the nation will fragment and the wolves will rush in to devour the strays.

Unfortunately Americans still don't get it. Their country has ALREADY been surrendered to the enemy, an enemy already inside the gate and in total control of the political framework.

All key positions in government, military, law enforcement and the media are filled by enemy operatives. A war by stealth via the media is now waged against America. Look around; toxic poisons in everything, draconian laws, epidemic corruption, the currency debauched. This isn't coincidence; this is intentional assault by the enemy.

Americans are TV hypnotized, drugged up, dumbed down and so utterly dependent that in general they are incapable of critical thought and are disinterested in discovering how the media is adversely affecting their lives.

An undercover army of "out of uniform troops" are enlisted by the usurpers of America who everyday attempt to dissuade Americans from being loyal to their family, their children, their country and to their Constitution. They are but enemy operatives employed by a covert media task force to sell lies as truth by an authoritarian regime that basically wants to plunder the United States and kill as many of its citizens as possible.

Not sure that the US has already been seized by an International gang of communist banksters?

Think about this: Most all able-bodied troops, the National Guard, the Border Guard and even retired ex-military men nearly 50 years old with grand-children have been sent overseas to a no-win conflict that removes their ability to protect Americans here at home. The stage is set for attacks on an unprotected America the same as we see happening to the Iraqis.

Little do Americans realize that their country and its leadership has already been surrendered to an enemy firmly entrenched inside the country and one which is using the media to further its goals.

That the US Government and its control hierarchy has been compromised is the only thing that makes sense, especially considering all the atrocities and injustices perpetrated against Americans from a system that is supposed to protect them.

From poisons in our air, water, food, medicines, clothing, building products and even children's toys - to blatantly obvious crimes by politicians who legalize torture, condone illegal search and imprisonment, dismantle the Constitution and bleed the country dry financially, the intent and the results all clearly point to what has happened - the USA has been subdued by stealth.

The saddest part is that few people seem to notice or even care.

There is one thing though that the enemy fears most about America; and that's 300+ million people with their eyes wide open, alert to the scam and looking for the perps who have disrupted their way of life.