Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Unknown Artist: Cory Kibler

I've been saving my recommendation of Cory Kibler's music for Christmas because he is a wonderful alternative folk-sometimes rocker artist who offers his work under the Creative Commons license.

His (legally) free MP3s and commercial CDs are available on Mr Furious records. Cory has recorded with Shacker, Beach Puppy, and Robot, Creep Closer (a personal favorite of mine).

Here are the links to the free MP3s that I know you'll enjoy.

Cory Kibler's The Silent Woods

Beach Puppy's Creey Eepy

Shacker's The Dimly Lit Room

Shacker's Knowing Her Best, Blackbeard Defends the Open Sea

Robot Creep Closer!'s RealAwful, Real Quick

Christmas 2007

While you're at Mr. Furious records, discover an artist of your own

Merry Christmas all!

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