Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Imus,Skakel, Baez, Existential Christianity

If there are no liberals in a foxhole then there are no conservatives in the unemployment line. Imus is readying to defend his -cough- first amendment rights. After bashing liberals for a career for exercising these same rights, Imus has discovered his own appetite for certain inalienable rights. Hallelujah!

I have grown to despise everything this guy stands for including any and every so-called charity he sugar-coats his liberal-bashing hate speech with but he needs to be heard and understood for what he is. We must defend the right to be offended as Salman Rushdie advised us earlier in this blog.

Likewise, Joan Baez should have been heard at Walter Reed Hospital. Service to one's country means defending everyone's rights - even those you may hate. Again, we must defend our right to be offended.

Michael Skakel is no Kennedy. When Robert Kennedy appeared in Skakel's behalf a week or so ago, it was the first time in decades. Kennedy is the antithesis of Skakel. Skakel the villified American conservative is nothing like Kennedy, liberal environmentalist.

Yet, Skakel was convicted because a drug-addict cutting a deal claims Skakel said, "I can get away with murder because I'm a Kennedy." I don't buy it. The last claim Skakel would make is to be a Kennedy. And can any statement made under therapy carry the veracity of fact? This conviction doesn't pass the sniff test.

Baez and Imus are political hot potatoes. Skakel represents the avarice of wealth.

This weekend my younger son, Adam, received his Confirmation into the Roman Catholic faith. The priest spoke of service, service in the here and now - existential Christianity if you will.

These people all share the breath of God with us and all provide a service by example.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Imus needs to take his medicine. However, I would hardly call him a conservative. He referred to W as "The Worst President Ever" and Cheney as "The War Criminal." Robert Kennedy Jr. was a frequent guest because of Imus' interest in the possible connection between autism and childhood vaccinations. You can be appalled at the statement that got him fired, but to be fair, his take on the politics was pretty refreshing.

krasicki said...

His comments did not appall me at all. He has dragged an awful lot of decent people through the sewers over the years as hate sport.

To say he recognizes Bush and Chaney as the worst is to simply understand that he is a creature of his audience. Quite frankly, I prefer Imus feed his audience rather than someone more ambitious and intelligent.

Make no mistake, Imus helped empower Bush and Chaney and the war rhetoric of the despicable Joe Lieberman and fueled a neo-con propaganda machine that silenced intelligent objections to the Bush Vendetta with Saddam.

Funny that Imus throws all of them under the bus after cashing in for so long on their reign of misery.

The banshee wail of neo-con radio intimidated a lot of people far more refreshing than Imus but I say with conviction that he should not be silenced regardless of what he says.

- Frank Krasicki