Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Exit 69 Mystery

Now how cool is that?

I got this email from Susan Eastwood who is letting as many people as she can know.

Greetings Quiet Corner friends,

Just yesterday Tony was browsing through the latest edition of National Geographic Traveler (May/June) and opened to an article called "The Mystery of Exit 69" (p 108). Sure enough, it was our exit 69 in Willington! And on the next page I saw our neighbor up at the junction of Waterfall and HiIllside, Charlie Woytik, petting one of his cows! Well, I was astonished, and I thought you would be too, to know that we live in a magical land from another time! It says so right there, in Natl Geo Traveler!!! Check it out for yourself!

: )


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