Monday, February 26, 2007

Unknown Artist: coveandberam

For a number of weeks I've wanted to get around to starting a series of posts that allow me to recommend some of the world's great new artists that no one seems to have ever heard of. I'll start with someone who I listen to and have become a great fan of.

Coveandberam is Jennifer Warren's recording persona. On, she offers over 50 free MP3 songs for our listening.

I was rummaging around in [legally] free MP3 sites a few years ago and her work just knocked me out. She's a violinist whose complex lyrics and layered recordings are a fascinating blend of the raw emotional release of punk lyrical sensibilities fused to a classically trained instrumental pastische of guitars, violin, and assorted percussion instruments.

These most recent recordings offer a glimpse of a young artist who has worked for years in relative anonymity and who doubts her own talent if we take the lyrics autobiographically. Nonetheless there's a real power in both Open Arms and To the Wolves that deserve your attention.

The catalog of songs is a mixed bag filled with lots of small gems worth adding to your MP3 collection.

In any case, when you hear someone putting down today's young musicians, coveandberam will give you plenty of reason to rethink those accusations.

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