Tuesday, February 20, 2007

School 2.0: The School 2.0 Movement is Starting To Grow and Flower

I found this wiki that is the home for all things School 2.0 related. It includes a Manifesto we'll talk about in the coming years.

This is a huge step forward. Education has been far too comfortable with the corrosive No Child Left Behind policies that are long on platitudes and draconian in practice.

I'm going to add Steve Hargadon's blog to my rss feeds because he's yet another voice of intelligent reform in the wasteland that education has become in America.

I recommend everyone visit both these sites today and often. I'll be contributing my two cents to the School 2.0 wiki just as soon as I find some spare cycles.

I'm going to suggest that the legal community consider starting a Justice 2.0 wiki dedicated to re-establishing an American justice system that is modern, American, and something we can be proud of.

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Marcie T. Hull said...

Hey Frank, got your comment! I have one word for you.... SWEET!

Can't wait to read your post!