Thursday, December 07, 2006

Joe Lieberman, Profile In Courage

Yeah, our senator is back in the news with the usual highlight reel of his -cough- "career". This time WFSB, a local news station, reports that Joe Lieberman salutes the video gaming rating system!

Oh, and brace yourself for this nugget of wisdom. Lieberman is reported to say that it is the responsibility of parents to police their children's video games. Really! You don't say. Seems like Joe's been kicking parent's in that same spot for quite a while now. How about trying another spot for a while?

You see, CT's font of political fecal wisdom campaigned on cleaning up the gaming industry. Oh, there were these very serious video spots of Joe sitting around a table with what must have been paid actors all expressing concern over a video game Joe was waving around. And mere weeks later, NOTHING! ZERO. ZILCH. Wham, Bam, thank you SUCKERS!

Now that the election is over, Joe washes his hands of his favorite show issue faster than Pontius Pilate at an uncomfortable crucifixion. This guy makes hypocrites look like concerned citizens.

We can look forward to yet another six years of pathetic "leadership" from our man in Washington.

How much Joementum does one state have to suffer from before this jerk finds the exit?

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