Monday, January 23, 2006

No Freshman Baseball team this year

Bruce Silva just confirmed a rumor going around the school that there's no money for a freshman baseball team. This is Bruce's exact reply;

The baseball rumor is true. We have attempted for the past two years to budget the funds needed for a freshman teams for baseball, softball and JV golf. My budget also included funds to support a "novice" crew coach and the start-up cost for a wrestling program. Unfortunately, the money needed for the teams didn't survive the budgeting process.

The reason I followed up is that an Ashford baseball coach offered to coach the team if the issue was simply finding a coach.

To add insult to injury, the freshman class is loaded with great baseball talent. I'd be very surprised if the three town baseball organizations couldn't find a way to share existing equipment and somehow cobble together some funds to put this back on the EO Smith calendar.

It's in the hands of the baseball community at this point.

Make sure the state representatives hear what's happening as a result of the education funding these days.

No baseball in America! C'mon.

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