Sunday, January 08, 2006

CABE - Can we change the name to RUBE?

Man, are these people in the dark. They sent me another CABE Journal the other day. The last one featured this Jodi Rell money sink. You'd think these people would stop throwing good money after bad. But Noooooooooooooooooo.

In this issue they announce yet another waste of taxpayer's money called CABE-Meeting. I know you're holding your breath wondering what magic this thing brings to the educational table. Get this... it promises to...

  • Make documents available in REAL-TIME [hooo-hoo]!
  • Allow for board members to follow along electronically [no not with a pacemaker - with a laptop]
  • Allow minutes to be put together as the meeting progresses! [Stop the world! I want to get off!]

All for the introductory price of $2K/year and $1K/year after that. There's more but really you have better things to do than ponder this buffalo chip [It makes my eyes water].

Between the lines CABE tells us the true agenda. The Gates Foundation is underwriting some of the cost of this boondoggle because they are soooooo interested in better school board meetings. It's coincidental that each school board will requisition laptops requiring Microsoft software to actually run this thing.

AH, PHILANTHROPY, where art thou?

What's that?

Sold to the highest bidder, you say.


Truth be told this software sounds as useful and necessary as a third shoe. Region 19 can already post documents to the internet [there's zero urgency in doing so and so on]. This software aspires to be dubious but dubious refuses to compromise its integrity in this case.

I will attempt to help this organization the best I can but I'm not miracle worker - just keep that in mind.

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